Maternity Lane’s Essentials collection of maternity wear is available now !

Maternity lane specializes in maternity wear; we offer a superb collections of fashionable, affordable maternity clothes and essential maternity basics. We aim to help busy moms to be to change with style.
Our Maternity Lane essentials collection is made up of garments which are vital to any maternity wardrobe. For example: jeans, black pants, tees, v neck and round neck tops, a wrap dress and comfortable underwear will be coming soon.  Our seasonal collection which is our Autumn /Winter and Spring/ Summer styles is where we bring in new styles, colours and fabrics this is added as New & Improved products which are available online and in store to keep our moms-to-be looking sexy, stylish and elegant by keeping with new fashion trends. Our clothes have been designed for ultimate fit and comfort throughout all stages of your pregnancy........ And beyond.
So whether you choose to browse and buy online, Maternity lane designer clothes have been carefully selected to suit to all lifestyles, occasion shapes and sizes.
Our maternity clothes are of the very highest quality and will fit you comfortable at every stage of your pregnancy from month 1 to 9 and beyond too.
We are South Africa’s leading online maternity wear store.